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          Nantong Rental Car Company, Nantong Rental Car, Nantong Charter Car, Nantong Tourism Rental Car, Nantong Airport Transfer, Nantong Conference Rental Car.
          Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.
          Car rental services: the company has government official car rental, institutional car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.
          Address: 200 meters from the head of Guangji Outpatient West Road, Hongqiao Road, Nantong City
          Vehicle typeAudi racing team
          Daily rental price:RMB
          Over current price:RMB
          Over range price:RMB
          • detailed information
          Vehicle type :Audi racing team ?Seats
          Urban Vehicles ¥/Day(Including 8 hours and 100 kilometers )
          After 8 hours ¥/hour
          More than 100 kilometers later ¥/kilometre
          Expenses incurred by the Division: driver's salary, fuel, passenger insurance, vehicle maintenance, etc.
          Customer's expense: toll, parking fee, driver's working meal, overkilometer fee, overhour fee.
          Long-distance taxis are calculated by mileage and days
          Airport Transfer: Nantong Bus Station Transfer, Nantong Railway Station Transfer, Nantong Airport Transfer Detailed Telephone Contact .
          ?Vehicle Insurance Notification:
          1. All vehicles of our company are insured according to the standard of Traffic Law.
          2. Insurance content: compulsory traffic insurance, theft and rescue, glass insurance, scratch insurance, vehicle and ship tax, vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, excluding exemption insurance.
          Three: seat insurance: 1: small car passenger insurance 500,000 / seat; 2: large car passenger insurance 900,000 / seat.

          Type Description: