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          Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.
          Car rental services: the company has government official car rental, institutional car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.
          Address: 200 meters from the head of Guangji Outpatient West Road, Hongqiao Road, Nantong City

          Nantong Wedding Car Rental

          Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd. provides you with professional rental of Nantong Marriage Cars - BMW 5 BMW 7, Audi A6LA8L, Mercedes-Benz, Extended Lincoln, Hummer, Porsche, BMW Z4, Chrysler, Ma 6, Rongwei 550, Honda Civic, Passat, China, Buick Junyue, Cruz, Buick Yinglong Red. Vehicle fleet, conference car, business car, personal car, airport, long-distance, short-distance, 47 buses, and other business, welcome to contact.

          Nantong Wedding Car Rental

          Nantong wedding car rental price is more reasonable, wedding car variety is rich, what are you waiting for?